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Our Value Proposition to You

Helping and guiding clients toward their financial goals is rewarding and enjoyable. Let us assist you in putting together the career that you want to have in financial services.

The Benefits of Independence

Independence opens up a range of opportunities and tangible benefits for both advisor and client.

  • Improve client service: You have the freedom to do what is the most appropriate for your clients with no proprietary products or secondary agendas.
  • Boost income: Higher payouts give you the flexibility to price your services in a more competitive or profitable fashion. The higher your income, the higher the payouts from the LPL Financial and the branch. As you support the branch office, additional payout incentives are also available.
  • Control expenses: You have the power to make decisions about the expenses that you incur based upon the needs of your clients and business. You choose your costs, rather than having them dictated to you. LPL Financial extended services are la carte. There is no need to pay for services you dont use.
  • Choice of business models: As an independent you are not locked into one model of doing business.

Why Access Financial Partners?

Access Financial Partners traces its roots to 1989 and its partners have an average of 34 years industry experience between them. With a long standing commitment to the industry, its team and especially clients, Access Financial Partners continually seeks ways to add value to its Team.

The following items are some of the features and services that make up our Value Proposition to you as an independent advisor.

Choice of Business Models:

Within our branch structure, we have the flexibility for brokers to operate in various capacities. We have brokers that work with our established clientele as well as those that operate independently using the branch identity or their own.

Those operating as advisers within the Access Financial Services Branch

  • Do not have to concern themselves with the running of their own business
  • Have an existing business structure to support them in their career development
  • Have the opportunity to participate in the branch revenue and equity sharing models

Those running their own independent business:

  • Are able to select a business structure (sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, or corporation) to suit their needs
  • Have choice of revenue model you can focus on fees, commission or both
  • Can choose the investments and platforms that suit their clients, with no product incentives or production minimums clouding their advice.
  • Build equity within your own structure and manage that business the you want.

Contact us to learn more about the business models available to you.

Transition Support

Our objective is to make your transition as smooth as possible by assisting you in any way possible including:

  • Training on LPL systems
  • Help you repaper your accounts
  • Setting up you phone presence
  • Implementing technology systems, And much more.
  • Navigating the regulatory environment


As an experienced OSJ with the leading independent BD behind us we help you operate your business with oversight that is guidance, not intrusion.


Our systems include:

  • Remote computer technology
  • Leading CRM solutions
  • Portfolio tracking
  • Policy tracking
  • Custom statement generation
  • WealthVision by EMoney
  • Portfolio Review Tool
  • Online Account Access
  • Web presence

Administrative Assistance

We believe in shared resources, including team members. Daily operational support is provided at no additional charge. We can also arrange for you to borrow an admin as needed.


We provide a web page to all advisors at no charge. Included are custom written and video content promoting investment topics, recent news, LPL Financial videos, and financial planning videos.

Business Coaching

Independence is alluring and a wonderful business model. But independence doesn’t have to mean you go it alone. We provide a collaborative forum for independent advisors and senior level support to give you structure and meaning to your work. We help you plan out what, how, when, where and why. Only by your success are we also successful.


You will always own your own book as an advisor. The branch does not own your book and has no interest in doing so. Our continued affiliation with advisors is dependent on the value we bring to the table and is the source of our constant improvement.

Succession Planning

Untimely events can and do happen. Upon signing with the branch you are assisted in designing a succession plan the includes your beneficiaries. No one knows better than you how hard it is to build a business and it is your right to choose how it is handled should something happen to you.

Additionally, we are here to help you should you decide to retire or pursue other interests enabling you to realize the value of the business you have built.

Why LPL Financial Services?

As one of the leading diversified financial service companies and largest* independent broker/dealer, LPL Financial provides advisors with the programs and services they need to succeed. LPL Financial is a powerful partner for entrepreneurial financial advisors seeking to create their own successful businesses. Since its inception LPL has been, helping financial advisors establish competitive, independent practices has been at the heart of its mission.

State-of-the-art technology Streamline daily investment operations, offer customized presentations, and simplify portfolio management.

Objective research Research individual securities, mutual funds, and asset managers with leading independent research, accessed through easy-to-use online tools and resources.
Investment choice and flexibility Choose from a wide range of separate account and wrap fee structures designed to meet the needs of almost every client.

Open architecture Access best in class load and no-load mutual funds, as well as innovative fee-based asset management programs.
Comprehensive marketing materials Build a successful business with both print and online marketing materials customized to your brand and specific marketing objectives.

Training and support Rely on LPL Financial for the support you need, from your daily investment operations to compliance, training, education, and beyond.

Unwavering Corporate Principles: Let’s primary focus is to support independent Financial Advisors and the needs of their clients. Upon joining LPL Financial, every home every home office staff member is given a copy of the following set of principles. They are expected to live up to these standards every day they are an employee of LPL Financial.


  • LPL Financial Advisors are the most important people in this company.
  • LPL Financial Advisors are not dependent on us we are dependent on them.
  • LPL Financial Advisors are not an interruption of our work they are the purpose of it. We are not doing them a favour handling the inquiries. They are doing us a favour by giving us an opportunity to earn their business.
  • LPL Financial Advisors are not to be argued with or matched wits with. No one ever wins an argument with an LPL Financial Advisor.
  • LPL Financial Advisors rely on us to help them prosper. It is our job to do so profitably.

Please contact us at Access Financial Partners to discuss your partnership options for offering quality, independent financial planning services to your clients.

* Based on total revenues as reported in Financial Planning Magazine. June 1996-2017